Property Marketing 101: Tips to Attract Tenants in a Tough Market

Property Marketing 101: Tips to Attract Tenants in a Tough Market

With less than a 5% vacancy rate in Greenville, SC, you have a high likelihood of getting the best people into your property fast. Though, that will only happen if you invest in property marketing, otherwise, you may only hear from more difficult tenants. So, what can help you to bring in the cream of the crop?

The following tips should be able to get you started in creating listings that will bring you high-quality, long-term tenants. By reading this article, you should also be able to learn about a well-established property management partner in your area.

Create a Listing That Draws People In

It is important to start the listing with a compelling description that has a solid punch to it. You want to both draw the eye with imagery and keep a tenant's attention with well-crafted text that describes the perfect rental.

In some cases, you may be able to offer virtual tours so people can see the location from the safety of their own homes.

You could even work with a leasing management company. Many of them understand how to appeal to the best tenants and have good relationships with marketing sites. They can thus find tenants much faster.

Use Popular Listing Websites

Use rental listing websites that many people frequent when looking for a new home. This will give you the best reach for people who are making an active effort to find a place to live.

While you should use social media and digital advertising, do not rely only on those platforms. You need to ensure you have a central location for people to read about the property.

Highlight Your Property's USPs

In your listing, write about what the best parts of your property are. What would make people choose it over other places? This will make it feel both unique and worth investigating.

These unique selling points (USPs) could relate to a property's location, features, or even how it appeals to specific lifestyles.

Use SEO Tips and Tricks

If you have a listing website, create blogs and articles that draw people in who are looking for homes. Link the blog posts to rental properties that relate to the post and its contents to give people reasons to learn more about them. This could give the location a "story" they might want to be a part of.

Be Transparent

As you list the details of the property, be aware of landlord/tenant laws in your area. There may be things you are not allowed to say or ways you cannot phrase a location's benefits. Tenant screening may also have limitations based on equal opportunity laws.

After all, you want to start with a strong landlord/tenant relationship, and lying about the property will interfere with that.

Property Marketing Is Only the Beginning

This advice should help you get started when it comes to property marketing. While it is a helpful set of instructions, there is only so much you can do if you are too busy to promote your rentals. This is where a dedicated property manager can help.

We have both the time and expertise to get your vacancies filled with well-screened tenants. So, schedule a chat and let us know what your needs are so we can talk about the future of your portfolio today.